Time for a New Roof?

If you want it done right, and like most home owners you want to feel at ease and comfortable to ask any questions that you need answers to. At Mountain View Roofing, we will take time to help you chose and understand the right roofing system to accommodate your budget and roofing needs.
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We take pride.

We take pride in all aspects that the roofing trade requires, from sales to service to clean-up. This is the only way that we continue to enjoy our rock solid reputation for customer care and expertise in the roofing industry
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Peace of Mind

Our commitment to the community reflects highly even after each job completion. How? All materials are carefully sorted for the CRD recycling programs so that we can reduce the impact on our local landfills and environment.
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About Us

Combining quality craftsmanship with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver excellence every time, on every roof.
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Mountain View Roofing has great respect for our colleagues in the roofing trade here in Victoria. However, what sets us apart is the “personal touch” that we enjoy giving when it comes to all the aspects in the roof industry.
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